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Tick, tock…the countdown begins

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I know I owe you « part II» of why defloresyvaseros but it will have to wait... there is very little left until the end of the year and I think it is important to be reflective

Let's put on our best ballet flats and dance as a family!

This morning while I was thinking about which model from the fall-winter collection was going to be chosen to go to the office, I realized everything that 2020 has taught us.

This year he has put us all at the feet of the horses, he has given us a little hand of humility and he has shouted at us with his voice raised excessively... Hey, stop! Brake! I'm here and if you don't stop the right way you will do it the hard way.

In this sector we live very fast, the collections are designed one year in advance... we think of ballet flats, sandals and booties with changing seasons and that makes time fly, the machinery never stops and before you know it you are eating nougat almost putting away summer clothes.

The truth is that, always looking at the positive side, I realize that 2020 has taught us many, excessive things. In the hardest months of the pandemic, our online sales were a real bustle, the phones did not stop ringing to show us your support in one way or another.

This situation has allowed us to do things as simple as spending more time with family, playing with your children at 12 in the morning on a Tuesday - is it or is it not a lesson? -, it has given us the super power of transmitting a smile through of our eyes and give virtual hugs, value to infinity your calls asking us for countless magical things…. Send me some ballerinas and I'm going to go out and applaud with them or send me the latest sandal model that we're going to dance on the carpet with.

Do you know what that is for us?

When 10 years ago defloresyfloreros came into our lives we never thought we would win the lottery season after season! Therefore, the first day they allowed us to open our points of sale, we were there at the bottom of the canyon, we could not fail you. The doors of our houses are always open for you, on a continuous schedule! And what to say about the team? That I must have done something good in another life to have what I have, so that everyone responded the way they did, so that they only needed one call in which they picked up the phone at the first ring and there they were on the front line of battle, doing what whatever was needed, whatever was asked of them! THAT'S A TEAM AND THAT'S THE DESIRE TO WORK, OLE! Anyway, 2020... we say goodbye to you, delighted to give way to 2021, but you have given us great lessons, although, I have to tell you that when you decided to stop us dead, our legs didn't shake for more than two minutes and so we decided to take the bull by the horns like this that... it says that we are going to continue making wonderful dancers so that instead of looking at our mask they look at our feet!

Let's look forward to 2021 with optimism, dear ones, I don't want even one negative thought.

🥿 🎉 Happy New Year! 🥂🥿
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