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15 days before the end of the year... why defloresyfloreros?

A 15 días de acabar el año… por qué defloresyfloreros?

There are only 15 days left until the end of the year, aren't you getting your hair on end? And this 2020 in almost almost all homes has been about letting it go and opening the doors wide to 2021.

Why deFloresyFloreros?

Today I come to tell you the introduction how, where and what is special about the manufactures of defloresyfloreros since this matter is going to provide for several posts

In 2010 when we started nothing was easy. In retail, the manufacture of footwear is the most complicated since an endless number of raw materials come into play, a lot of labor for a single pair and the minimum production in a company that is starting and where economic resources are scarce, It is a significant handicap.

And it is at this point that I always ask myself... don't you think we should exploit more of the good we do in Spain and not trip ourselves up? Footwear manufacturing in Spain is a true gem that foreigners value more than ourselves, a shame!

But I also tell you, with a lot of tenacity, some stubbornness and self-love, everything works out. You just have to be persistent and feisty!

But let's get to what concerns us...

The first years offloresyfloreros, from what I have told you before, were complicated. There was no way to find the right factory, we were always in the production queue, our collections arrived later than desired at the stores, we could not test the raw materials as we would like but little by little all this has been changing.

Our collections are 100% made in Spain, in the Alicante area more specifically, and by hand.

From the moment I start designing the perfect shoe until it reaches our feet, a year passes and why so long?

Actually, because once the creation process begins, it requires several previous steps until the final model is released. That is, the first thing is to draw the model on paper, then raw materials are assigned.

Not an easy task since, as you know, combining it is a complicated task and the key to many of our models!

And once the model is designed, we begin to draw the last, which always entails numerous rectifications so that it does not cause problems or harm once we put it on our feet!

Next we started making the prototype of dancer physically to test it, test the raw material and finish closing the model.

Imagine what this is like in the 75 models on average that each collection carries!

Madness, blessed madness! 

But, as I was telling you, after a lot of determination and a little bit of luck, we ended up finding the perfect professionals! Which have become part of our family, of our daily lives, being essential personnel at defloresyfloreros.

Until this first part of what were our beginnings, in 15 days we will see each other again!

Happy start to Christmas!

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