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Why defloresyvases? Part II

¿Por qué defloresyfloreros? Parte II

It seems that the beginning of the year is bringing us excessive surprises but there is less left to reach the shore! Let's keep rowing!

Why deFloresyFloreros? Part II

In this second part of our development and manufacturing process I come to tell you technical characteristics that make our models very comfortable.

We are very used to the fact that when we wear shoes with pointed ends, they hurt us, they squeeze us, and our toes even end up getting stuck together. In deFloresyFloreros All our models have the width that the foot needs, which means that, despite being low-cut and pointed to the end, the foot is completely expanded.

Without losing that bit of femininity!

The cuts and heel height…

Another important issue to take into account is its cuts and the height of the heel :

We should not go excessively flat but we give you the solution, for this, after studying our lasts a lot, we have managed to apply a 1.5cm internal wedge that, together with its cover, makes us wear the 2cm that they recommend. To this, we must add those damn protruding bones, which should not be a problem in defloresyfloreros since the shoe picks up enough so that it does not cut us in the right area.

All of this makes us have a perfect cocktail that, together with the design, forms the perfect result.

To do this, we are not going to deceive you, we need to work and study a lot of all our models so that they give the perfect result on our feet!

Inside the factory, in addition to design, our pattern maker, one of my right hands, is essential. Sometimes the collections end up being a titanic struggle between the two since they want one thing but at the design level the idea is another. We have been working together for many years and we understand each other well and if that point comes where we need to see some light, there is one person person the team that fights and a half to have the perfect model on your feet!

Don't think it's always easy! 🙃

Once the model is 100% final, as I mentioned, we move on to make it a reality with a prototype and from there sometimes new rectifications arise.

The usual sample size is 37 but at defloresyfloreros we are so special that we vary sizes depending on the model to try on different feet.

This is one of the most exciting models of the process, when the complete sample arrives. Nobody on the team knows what the collection is going to be like, except me and that makes their faces that day to film it, I'll do it any day!

This is the first litmus test to pass!! I always ask for maximum sincerity and objective opinion!! There are still 8 months left for the collection to see the light and we have time to rectify it!

Do you find it interesting? In 15 days I will see you again but in the meantime, run to the website because the latest sales of online dancers !

Happy week!

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