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The coolest and most comfortable ballerina flats for summer

Las bailarinas más frescas y cómodas para el verano

Like bicycles, ballet flats are also for summer . Fresh, comfortable and stylish ballerinas, completely adapted to your needs as a user.

Because we know that in the office the air conditioning invites us to wear closed shoes just as, during the daily grind, we look for comfortable shoes that allow us to stand without getting tired.

In the following article, discover the coolest and most comfortable ballet flats for summer, and choose your pair now for the summer season!

What is the most used summer footwear?

In addition to summer ballet flats for women , there are all kinds of options so that our feet are fashionable also in the hot months. Because not everything is flip flops to go to the beach or the pool, style must prevail in this era :

  • Flat sandals: An ideal option for the hottest women. The sandals allow total ventilation of the foot and there are also endless varieties to combine.
  • Wedges: Wedges are perfect for more elegant events. With a little heel - or a lot, depending on the model - you can look divine at celebrations such as weddings.
  • Heeled shoes: Heels are also not missing in summer. And at this time there are many events such as weddings or baptisms, where women opt for this footwear.
  • Sports: And a running look? Sneakers are footwear, present during any season. Whether you want to play sports or wear a casual everyday outfit.
  • Cangrejeras: Do you remember when you went to the river as a child? Well, this mythical transparent footwear that we had to wear to avoid stepping on stones with our feet, has become a trend. An inspiration for groundbreaking and comfortable summer footwear.
  • Boots: The boot-dress combination to achieve a boho chic style is very fashionable. An ideal contrast for the hottest days.

Characteristics of summer flats

Why choose ballet flats for summer? The answer is simple: it is a comfortable, flat, elegant and versatile shoe. The favorite footwear for many that they can also wear in the hottest months.

It is a trendy shoe that goes with any basic garment. Both to go dressed up to work, and to go to a meal with the family. A total ten!

Colorful shoes for summer

To taste the colors, and also in the ballerinas! What better than some brightly colored ballet flats for the summer. Muted tones such as black, gray or brown are recommended for the colder months. On the other hand, in summer bright colors such as oranges, blues, reds, greens, fuchsias, are a guaranteed hit!

Color is life, so from Defloresyfloreros we invite you to discover all these models of ballet flats for summer , and get your pair now!

Open dancers, and cooler!

What is the best type of dancer for summer? Open dancers, of course! They are fresh ballet flats, which allow almost the entire foot to be exposed, with openings in the heel and in the front of the foot; but without giving up the elegant design of this shoe.

If you still don't know what we're talking about, be sure to check out the following models: the Maui Pink ballerina or the elegant Creta Avorio , crab style.

Comfortable ballerinas, perfect for any occasion

Another reason to choose ballet flats for the summer: their comfort. And this shoe is perfect to wear all day, without your feet suffering and, consequently, your back.

Both ballet flats and flats for summer are elegant, comfortable and perfect footwear for all types of situations : from going to the office , to riding your bicycle; passing by driving or going to that special event. Ballerinas for summer are ideal!

Create incredible outfits with the summer ballet flats from Defloresyfloreros

Is it still not clear to you ? Ballet flats are a perfect shoe, and not just for winter ! In the warmer months you can create incredible outfits, thanks to its wide variety of models, colors and styles.

And it is a very versatile summer shoe. Take advantage and create your summer outfits with this type of footwear. Your looks await!

If you want to be more dressed up, wear a matching dress; But if you are looking for that festival outfit, we recommend that your summer ballet flats be accompanied by shorts, jeans or an elongated hippie-style skirt. You're going to be perfect!

So now you know, take a look at the Defloresyfloreros online catalogue , and debut ballet flats this summer!

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