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Why are leather ballerina flats the perfect footwear for any occasion?

¿Por qué las bailarinas de piel son el calzado perfecto para cualquier ocasión?

Leather ballet flats are a type of comfortable, elegant and very versatile footwear . Without a doubt, a ten option for any outfit. Because the quality is evident, as are its multiple possibilities.

Continue reading and learn the reason for this footwear, discovering some models that are going to become a trend this spring.

The comfort of leather ballet flats: one of their main benefits

The main characteristic of leather footwear is its comfort. Leather ballet flats are safe, perfect for any movement and ideal for spending many hours on your feet. They do not cause discomfort and keep feet dry and cool.

Leather shoes like ballerinas adapt perfectly to our feet; In addition to being a light, flat, flexible and breathable footwear option.

Breathability It prevents the foot from sweating too much, protects it from rain or cold and also prevents it from bad odors.

Advantages of leather flats

Do you know why to choose one? ballerinas of skin? Below, we give you some reasons why you should opt for this shoe:

  • Elegance: Leather ballet flats are an elegant and exclusive shoe. You can now say goodbye to uncomfortable heels! Whether you are an animal print lover or you love sequins, leather ballet flats will highlight your look . You will make a difference!
  • Practicality: Leather footwear like ballet flats are versatile and very practical. It offers a wide range of possibilities, in terms of styles and designs. In this way, they adapt to any situation; from more casual moments such as meeting friends, to going to work.
  • Sustainability: Skin or leather is a material of natural origin and a high quality raw material. Unlike plastic or other synthetic materials, leather ballet flats are synonymous with sustainability. It should be noted that since they are so durable, they encourage responsible consumption.
  • Resistance: The quality of leather ballet flats is notorious. It is a very resistant shoe, perfect for withstanding all types of external agents, as well as tearing or traction. Consequently, it is a shoe that lasts a long time and is difficult to break.

5 trends in leather ballerinas for women

Are you looking for trendy leather ballet flats for women? Next, we propose 5 models of leather ballet flats with which to succeed in your looks. All of them have a leather interior and a leather sole, as well as a 1.5 cm internal wedge:

1. Dancer Santa Eulalia Red

Spring is one of the favorite times to show off women's leather ballet flats on your feet. Therefore, we propose the following model of ballet flats. A floral shoe with a fabric base and striking colors that will, without a doubt, give life to your feet. An ideal shoe to combine with jeans!

2. Dancer El Hierro Rosa

Glitter lover? These leather flats are perfect for you. A perfect shoe for the hottest days. Ballerinas are also for summer and this model is soft and with a square toe . Make your feet shine with these sequined ballerinas.

3. Dancer La Gomera Makeup

Are you looking to set a trend with your ballet flats? These leather flats for women are characterized by their Animal print print in makeup and gold tones. It also has a basic zebra and intertwines pink velvet and tulle on the heel.

4. Maldivian Tangerine Dancer

A model that takes us to paradise itself. Tangerine and green tones in an ethnic fabric with two suede straps with button detail. These ballet flats are super cool and also have a drawstring closure. An option that will not leave anyone indifferent.

5. Dancer Santa Eulalia Gold

Are you looking for elegant and exclusive leather footwear? These ballet flats are for you! With a silk velvet base, it has multicolored sequins. Perfect for events like weddings or parties like New Year's Eve. Discover this sensational model for your outfits now.

Your time has come, combine your outfits with leather ballet flats!

What are you waiting for to get your pair of leather ballet flats? With these shoes you will go everywhere! Comfortable, elegant and very, very versatile. No matter where or how, these leather ballet flats will become your safe bet.

And if you are looking for leather ballet flats of absolute quality and with an exquisite design, at Defloresyfloreros we can help you. Our footwear made in Spain It has exclusive designs , perfect for each of your outfits!

Visit our online catalog now and get the trending shoe for this spring. We will wait for you!

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