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Our main objective: give joy to your feet

Nuestro objetivo principal: dar alegría a tus pies

Today we launch our blog!

Finally we have been able to find space to tell you who we are behind the brand, how we make our wonderful ballet flats, ankle boots, Blucher and sandals. defloresyfloreros , brand curiosities and inspirations and an endless number of things that we hope you will love!

Who I am?

Let me introduce myself, I am Paloma Moreno, creator and designer of defloresyfloreros. It was founded in 2010 with two more partners who, after a few months, stopped being part of defloresyfloreros.

The beginnings were very complicated but with a lot of effort and determination everything improved little by little.

This is my dream, one of my daily driving forces and my great satisfaction in seeing how something that you have brought to life reaches where we are.

I have always worked in fashion but there came a time, which happens to many of us, that you need to manage my time and, furthermore, at the end of a cycle in a foreign company I thought... this is the moment!

In my family there have always been great entrepreneurs and, I imagine, that's where the “bug” came from.

At defloresyfloreros I do everything, here we are all women orchestra but if I do something 100% it is design, from drawing a model from scratch to searching for raw materials, follow-up with the different factories of our prototypes, rectifications, etc., in short, all the steps that entails a collection!

We launch more than 150 models a year, consisting of ballet flats, bluchers, sandals, ankle boots, espadrilles and sneakers. When I face blank paper, it is an important challenge since you are very, very loyal clients who know each other's collections perfectly, and, in addition to not wanting to let you down with the generalized comment on the latest collection that is on the market at that moment, I always en: it is the most beautiful of all! So, the pressure is high (as more campaigns go by) to always live up to it!

Days before launching it on the market I am always nervous and even irascible, it is a test we face twice a year.

Let's talk a little more about my personal life.

I live in Madrid, the brand is directed 100% from here. I have 3 small daughters – my oldest daughter is 5 years old and my youngest daughter is 1 year old. From Monday to Friday I dedicate all the hours in the world to the brand but I can combine it perfectly to enjoy and be present in the daily lives of the girls and my husband.

I get up very early to do some sports, a discovery I made a while ago and it is key to being mentally clear. In the morning I am busy in the office, meetings, work trips, visiting factories or seeing suppliers and in the afternoons I try to be with my daughters but glued to a cell phone!

When I have a peak of work, I am very lucky to have a magnificent team at home and at the brand, which complements me perfectly at any time. Without them it would be impossible, THANK YOU!

The weekend is the time to enjoy, to try to disconnect (something I should work more on) and be with friends!

If I am passionate about something, besides defloresyfloreros and my family, it is reading and traveling. Since I became a mother, it is extremely difficult for me to concentrate on reading because when I manage to get a little space out there is always a little voice that interrupts me at the level of the fourth word I have reached, but when I have the opportunity, I devour books!

We don't give up on traveling, we have gone from being 2 to 5 traveling but we continue doing it every time we have the opportunity, we will talk about this later!

Ready? We'll see you here every 15 days!

Don't forget to make your feet the protagonists 😉

Paloma Moreno

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