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Outfits for the office: choose ballet flats for work

Outfits para la oficina: elige bailarinas para el trabajo

Are you one of those people who comes to the office dressed up? Do you care about fashion, but do you like to go to work comfortably? We have a solution for you! Choose a pair of ballet flats for work.

Discover the reason for these comfortable shoes for your office outfits.

How to choose the best shoes for women in the office?

Are you looking for comfortable shoes for work, but still fashionable? Before opting for one pair or another, it is important that you take into account their characteristics:

  • Material: The materials to make comfortable shoes for the office, such as elegant women's ballet flats, have to be light and flexible. Also, make sure your footwear is waterproof, you also have to go to work on rainy days!
  • Sole: An ergonomic sole, not too thick, flexible, firm and non-slip. That would be broadly speaking the most suitable option. In short, a sole that allows you to walk comfortably.
  • Heel: If it is mandatory in your company's dress code , try to choose a wide heel and not too high. However, it is best to choose an office look with flat shoes.
  • Tip: Another fundamental aspect is to provide mobility to the toes, which in turn will allow them to breathe. Thus, a rounded tip is more recommended.

Find your office look with flat shoes

Flat shoes are ideal for your office outfits. Pants or skirt, it doesn't matter; You will be comfortable and elegant in equal parts.

For example, combine black pleated pants and a white shirt with pointe ballet flats like these.

Or, if you prefer, a comfortable shoe with a skirt and a blouse or a dress is always a good idea. You choose how to dazzle!

The importance of comfortable footwear

Don't know what outfits to wear to the office? We are clear that comfortable footwear cannot be missing. Because we never tire of saying it: you will be away for many hours, to which must be added the entire journey from home to the office, and vice versa.

Therefore, we recommend that you always choose comfortable women's shoes :

  • Sneakers: If more informal looks are allowed in your office, the blazer-sneaker combination never fails! Or also with jeans or even dresses. However, not all workplaces allow it in their dress code .
  • Loafers: If you think about women's shoes for the office, a pair of loafers may come to mind. Moccasins are very elegant, but not everyone likes them... And it is a very classic shoe.
  • Ankle boots: On the other hand, ankle boots are a must for winter, since they are warm and many are flat. However, in the warmer months, they may not be the best option since the foot sweats.
  • Ballerinas: For their part, ballerinas are a flexible, light shoe that offers a multitude of possibilities. You can combine ballet flats in winter as well as in summer and they are available in different styles and colors. And they are perfect for all ages! Without a doubt, the dancer for work is the winning horse.

Discover elegant ballet flats to go to work

As I said: if you are looking for a shoe that goes with all your office outfits, ballet flats are the shoe you are looking for!

Women's ballet flats are very comfortable to go to your workplace, they have a rounded toe, in addition to being a really beautiful and elegant shoe. Without a doubt, they fall within any dress code, even the most strict ones.

You can find them in all kinds of colors, styles, designs... and always, always, you will look ideal.

And the differences are obvious: enduring eight hours in the office with a heel, even while sitting, is not the same as with a comfortable dancer. With heels, the foot is in an unnatural position; In addition, the abuse of these shoes can cause back and knee pain, since the body's center of gravity changes.

Likewise, ballet flats go with all types of outfits and garments for your office outfits: from dresses and skirts, to jeans and shirts; passing through jacket suits. The dancer for work is a great success.

Get a pair of elegant ballet flats for women and succeed with your outfits for the office. Because elegance and comfort can go hand in hand. Visit the Defloresyfloreros online store now , and discover our incredible collection.


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