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How to clean cloth shoes?

¿Cómo limpiar los zapatos de tela?

In addition to its comfort and not giving the foot too much heat, thus being ideal for the warmest months of the year; Cloth shoes are characterized by very quick drying . In this way, cleaning cloth shoes becomes a less arduous task that also offers excellent results.

In the next article, we are going to see how to clean cloth shoes and always have our shoes shiny as the first day.

Types of fabrics for footwear

There are many shoes that are made with fabric: from house slippers to sports shoes; passing by some dancers . Canvas, satin, nylon, polyester, rayon, cotton, lycra... there are many types of fabric with which to make a pair of shoes.

Everything will depend on the needs of the footwear, although the vast majority of fabrics are characterized by their breathability, flexibility, resistance to humidity or lightness.

Below, we offer you some tricks to learn how to clean cloth shoes at home . Minor stains that you can eliminate at home with the following tips. But, when in doubt, rely on the services of a professional shoemaker.

Wash cloth shoes: how to do it?

If you are not sure how to do a basic cleaning of your cloth shoes, these steps will be of great help:

  • Shake the shoes: And remove remains of mud, sand, dust, etc.
  • Scrub with a brush: A dry brush, whose bristles are soft so as not to damage the footwear. And thus remove the remains of dirt more thoroughly.
  • Clean cloth shoes: The type or style does not matter; For example, to know how to clean white fabric sneakers by hand, we recommend that you use a wet sponge or brush and make circular movements on the stains. Remember: for the cleaning solution you can apply a mixture of water and neutral soap, although there are those who also add a little baking soda.
  • Drying: It is time to wipe with a dry cloth and dry well. A tip for this step is to fill the shoe with newspaper to completely absorb the moisture and not lose the shape of the shoe. Another trick is to let it dry in the shade. The reason? Don't let your cloth shoes discolor in the sun. In the case of cleaning white shoes, and they have begun to yellow, add a little lemon juice.

If this is not enough, we recommend that you clean your cloth shoes thoroughly. To do this, you can choose both machine and hand washing:

Wash shoes in a washing machine

Washing shoes in the washing machine is the fastest way to clean them. And perhaps it is also the most complete, but remember that before putting your pair of shoes in the washing machine, you have to know if the material is suitable - or not - for machine washing.

That said, before putting the shoes in the washing machine, remove the most important dirt (mud, sand...) and put the insoles and laces aside. Also do not put them directly, it is best to wash them in a mesh or fabric delicates bag.

Once inside the washing machine, use a short program, in cold water and with a gentle spin . Finally, for drying we again insist on not doing it directly in the sun and, even less, using a dryer.

Wash sneakers by hand

For its part, to wash sneakers by hand or any other fabric shoe, we recommend following the following tricks:

Again, it is necessary to first remove all excess dirt such as mud or dust; as well as removing the laces and insoles to wash them separately.

Next, get a large container – where the shoes can fit – with cold or warm water and add 2 tablespoons of laundry detergent. Immerse your shoes and rub the outside with a brush. The brush has to be soft so as not to damage the fabric.

When you have finished with the stains, rinse the shoes with water and dry them with a towel, as well as absorbent paper. Also when washing by hand it is important not to let cloth shoes dry directly in the sun.

And how to wash the laces?

And how to wash white laces? As explained at the beginning, it is the first thing to remove from the shoe before washing it. To wash the laces, you can do it in the machine (also in a delicates washing bag, cold water and gentle spin), or you can do it by hand.

If you choose the second option, a homemade trick is to immerse them in a container with warm water, soap and a little white vinegar . Then let them soak and rub the stains well. They will be like new!

Some tricks to remove stains from fabric sneakers

The last step to know how to clean fabric shoes perfectly is to know these tricks for removing stains from your footwear:

  • Dishwasher: Mix a little of this soap with half a liter of water, more or less. To remove stains, also use an old toothbrush and scrub!
  • Neutral PH soap: Another excellent option to clean stains from your fabric shoes, but without damaging the fabric. Also use a brush and, finally, dry the footwear.
  • Baby wipes: Did you know that wipes are made with PH neutral soap? Therefore, they are perfect for cleaning fabrics such as satin.
  • Baking soda: Mixed with water, you can use this solution to brush stains (always in the direction of the fabric). To prevent rings from appearing, dry as you clean.
  • Ammonia: For its part, to use this product you have to be extremely careful, or else you will ruin your shoes! Create a solution with 2 parts hot water to one part ammonia. Next, use a cotton ball or a damp cloth and gently rub the stains. Again, use the dryer depending on the areas you are cleaning.

 Did you find it interesting? Do you already know how to clean cloth shoes? And if you want a new pair, in the De Flores y Floreros online store we have a wide range of fabric shoes. Own designs, original and ideal for any occasion.

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