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How to combine ballet flats in winter?

¿Cómo combinar bailarinas en invierno?

We never tire of saying it: one of the most comfortable and practical shoes that exist are ballet flats. Yes, those closed shoes, without heels, that go with any look and always provide that much-needed chic touch .

Thus, ballet flats become a must for this winter. And you, do you know how to combine ballet flats in winter? In this post we present you the best outfits for winter with ballet flats , and surprise with your look wherever you go!

Find looks with ballet flats

Ballerinas are an ideal shoe for any style. From more casual looks to special occasions; to choosing that neat but comfortable outfit to go to the office. Ballerinas are comfortable, yes; but also perfect to shine with your outfit of winter.

And no wonder: this shoe evokes classical ballet or Audrey Hepburn herself, one of its faithful ambassadors. And you, do you want to dazzle this winter with your footwear, but while being comfortable? Keep reading!

Ballerinas to wear in winter

As we say, ballet flats are an exceptional shoe . Exceptional also for the colder months, since being closed allows you to keep your foot warm, in addition to protecting it from the rain. Without forgetting, of course, that they allow us to drive without problem or run to the subway stop. And always emanating a flash of elegance.

So now you know, discover the best outfits for winter with ballet flats and always go with the perfect one. look of winter.

Dancers with jacket and jeans

One of the looks with ballet flats that is always a hit is the combination of a blazer or jacket and jeans. A must-have for any wardrobe!

With your winter ballet flats you will create that outfit with which you will surprise at the office: you will arrive at meetings comfortable and confident. And what better way to do it than these pointed ballet flats !

Knitted dress and ballet flats

Are you looking for a look irresistible, but at the same time comfy ? The combination of a knit dress and ballet flats with a heel - or without - is simply perfect. Choose the color you like the most and look for that daring, but elegant touch. And remember to combine it with a good matching bag!

Printed dress with ballet flats

Another of the best outfits for winter with ballet flats is this fusion of a printed dress and the aforementioned shoe . Here, the possibilities are many: if you are a fan of boho chic , bring out your hippie side and opt for flowers or those characteristic borders; But if what you are looking for is to attract attention, animal print is for you!

Combine the ballet flats with a suit

Ballerinas and a suit, why not? Yes, we know that suits and heels are very elegant and sophisticated; but we also know that with ballet flats you also provide that casual and comfortable touch.

For events, important work meetings, weddings... without a doubt, it could not be missing from this list of the best winter outfits with ballet flats.

Skirt, shirt and ballet flats

Do you want to travel to the past with your look ? Fan of the 50s-60s? If you also have your yeyé side, your skirt, shirt and ballet flats set is perfect for you.

This outfit is sublime for your daily life: from shopping around the city, to going to work or school; but always ideal and chic.

Ballerinas and total knit look

Do you live in a very cold area ? We also have this outfit winter for you! Ballerina flats plus a total knitted look or, in other words, ballerina flats combined with your favorite wool sweater or jacket, and look warm and fashionable!

Take advantage and combine your most daring ballet flats with your most classic knitwear. For example, be sure to check out these ballet flats with laces , which have these incredible and different prints, which will surely not leave you indifferent!

But, above all, look for comfortable ballet flats!

Finally, when asked how to combine ballet flats in winter, you need to have this premise: always comfortable . Feet are the support of our body and, therefore, it is necessary to take care of them. Ballerinas are a very comfortable shoe, with which your feet will not suffer pain or chafing and with which you will always be elegant and chic.

And you, do you want to wear the best winter outfits with ballet flats? Enter the Defloresyfloreros online store and get your ballet flats for this winter. We have a great collection!

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